Challenge Yourself Bundle 1

Challenge Yourself Bundle 1

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I’m excited to release my new Merch line, “Challenge Yourself” which is for everyone out there who has a dream they want to achieve. Use me as an example of someone that came from no where and managed to achieve their dream. If I can do it, you can too. Start now and Challenge Yourself each and every day.

I started making YouTube videos when I was 10 and had dreams of achieving success like I had seen other YouTubers achieve. 8 years and 800 videos later, I have an amazing squad of over 8 million legends who are part of my journey and have made my vision a reality. When I first started, there wasn’t millions of people - there was plenty of people telling me how I couldn’t be successful and follow my dreams.

It’s not always easy, but I decided to ignore all the people who bullied me or said my videos weren’t very good. Each video, I focused on improving and making the videos better. As time went on, the people supporting me online increased and the bullies decreased. I want my story to inspire others and I hope the meaning of this merch shines through and inspires you to Challenge Yourself too.

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